Monday, May 24, 2010


Today I got another envelope from YFU and I was so excited to find out where I was going and who I would be staying with! But no such luck. Instead, I got a packing list which spelled out my doom. First of all, most Japanese schools don't allow facial piercings. While I know it's rude to disobey the rules and act like an obnoxious American, what would they do if I refused to take out my nose stud? I could totally overpower the Japanese. Oh wait... they have karate, aikido, and sumo wrestlers. I guess it's time to invest in a retainer for my nose piercing.
NEXT they tell me no shorts. WHAT?! Japan has hot summers! How do they expect me not to wear shorts? The only thing worse than telling me not to wear shorts is telling me that I will need to wear skirts and dresses.
And that is exactly what they did. "Loose dresses are more comfortable in the heat and more graceful if you sit on the such as skimpy sundresses with spaghetti straps should be avoided." Graceful?! I am as graceful as an elephant.
After systematically eliminating my entire wardrobe from the "okay to wear in Japan" list, I am left with nothing but a swimsuit to wear. But it can neither be too skimpy nor to clingy.

Wait, did I read that right?

My swimsuit cannot be clingy?! Yes, it appears that in Japan they do not wear skimpy or clingy swimsuits. Well, I beg to differ. I have seen plenty of Japanese girls wearing swimsuits that cover far less than my swimsuit does.
Maybe I'll end up in Okinawa and I'll be okay. Or maybe I can just wear a burka.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Houston, we have contact!

I finally called YFU today, and I got some dates for my program. I leave Austin on June 6th, and then there's a two and a half day orientation in Berkeley, CA. Then on the 9th I leave or Japan! Pros: I will finally be able to take the SAT, thanks tothe Austin Peace Academy fiasco; I will be back in time for my family reunion, which I didn't get to go to last year; I get to go to Berkeley; I'm going to JAPAN, which basically trumps all. Cons: I will not be able to go to divisionals or nationals; I will not be able to see my aunt, my uncle, nor my cousins when they visit; I won't be able to take the free ACT (sorry TEA, for wasting your money); I won't be able to see my brother until I get home. Even so, I think the pros still outweigh the cons. T-minus 23 days!

Monday, May 3, 2010

I am officially a 'World Traveler'!

Today my big, fat envelope from YFU arrived with my World Traveler Handbook, an American Overseas Parent Handbook, a book written by a YFU alumnus from 1978, a nice letter from Jessica (my really sweet admissions counselor) and a T-shirt that could pass for a dress. I still don't have any details on anything, except that I'm supposed to be departing from Austin Mueller Airport... the one that was just turned into a housing development?
This is the first time it has hit me that I will be thousands of miles from my country, my language, and my friends, family and pets for over a month. I think that tiny bit of terror at the back of my mind makes it all the more exciting!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

And now, I wait.

Well, I found out I'm going to Japan! But that's all I know. I am still waiting to find out when I leave, where I'm going, who my host family will be, basically all of the details. I just hope it's not some god-forsaken village in the mountains, miles-I mean kilometers from anywhere, but that would certainly be a... unique experience. Well, I'll just have to wait and see!