Engrish, and Other Funny Japanese Things

A catalog of everything out of the ordinary that I see in Japan.

The Dole Banana Man in Shibuya. I want to buy more bananas just so that I can do whatever he's doing. "Dole: 'Everyones bananas'” 

This one isn't that weird, I've just never see so many people in one place. This is Shibuya at night.

They Japanese on the right side says to watch out. The subway in Nagoya does have some signs depicting hands getting caught in the doors. I don't know why this one is a dolphin.

A store in Shibuya. 'Nuff said.

Here we have a giant hot dog in a stars and stripes napkin squirting ketchup and mustard on itself. Some people were talking about the underlying implications about America, but I think it's just a giant hot dog.

This is a notebook I got at the 100 yen shop. Not Engrish, but German.

A person. Whose head is a car. (The sign is telling neighborhood residents not to use the parking lot because it's a mall parking lot.)

This wins. But it's still a strange looking car, and I don't THINK there's any reason for it. I could be wrong though.

This lotion may look like a transparent liquid, and that's because it is a transparent liquid. I've only used it once, so I have yet to find out if it works well or not. I guess my skin feels pretty soft?