Friday, July 9, 2010

First day of school!

Yesterday was my first day of school. I don't think I have ever been more tired at the end of a school day. I heard the word 'かわいい' as many times in my life, combined as I heard it yesterday. It is still ringing in my ears. I also taught a girl the words 'hot boy' when she asked what イケメン meant. Later when she introduced herself in English class, she said she liked hot boys. Some other American things Japanese teenagers like: 'Prison Break,' 'Lost,' Green Day, Taylor Swift, and Justin Bieber.
It may just be my school school that likes those things, but I don't think so. But my school is not an ordinary school. First of all, it's a private school. It has different advanced classes and basic classes, and the advanced classes are divided up into subjects. For example, I'm in the International English class, even though only one of the kids is very good at speaking English; he's the head of the English club. We don't change from shoes to slippers when we enter the building, the school is air conditioned, and it looks less like a prison and more like a hotel.
Normal Japanese high school:

Chukyo High School:

And did I mention that they are the reigning champion of the national high school baseball tournament? And that they have produced several world class figure skaters, including Mao Asada, the 2010 silver medalist? I'm two years too late to have met her though. If I had met her, I probably wouldn't remember her name, just like the rest of the kids in my class.

The kids I remember from class 2-I, out of 32, are very few in number.
First, there's 'Imaidon' (his real name is just Imai), also labeled in my head as Oguri Shun. There's also Oguri Shun's friend, but I only only know his name because I have a seating Chart.
There's Maya, the really nice girl who sits on my right and has an electric dictionary to translate ridiculous kanji for me.
On my left... well, I don't know her name, but she's really nice and chats with Oguri Shun, his friend, and Kuma.
There are three Harukas in my class, and one goes by Kuma (part of her last name). Her and I are working on an English project together.
Mirei is very sweet and very tall and thin.
There's also Tennis Club Girl and there's Cheer Leading Girl, also known as the Girl Who Likes Hot Boys.
There's the Funny Girl With The Round Face, whose name I now know thanks to the seating chart.
Last but not least, there's Yuri Abe, also known as Abe-chan, Yu-chan, Yuri, Abe, Yuri-chan... basically any combination of her name and 'chan' that you can come up with. She is also really funny.
There's also English Club Boy, the Boy Who Sits Behind Me, and the Girl From 2L, but I don't know their names either.

After coming home from my first day of school I passed out for two hours, almost missed dinner, and was in bed by 8:30. Needless to say, it was a good day.

I didn't get many pictures on my first day because I was a little overwhelmed, but I'll try to take some more on Monday. Maybe I'll know everybody's names by then! Probably not though.


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